i2Reader Cloud

Adored by book lovers all around the globe, i2Reader is now released with a new user-friendly interface and a wealth of new features.
Today, as you can place books on digital shelves, turn their electronic pages on iPhone/iPad/Mac or set up own themes for reading,
you will surely feel: I too reader!*
* - this is not a mistake :)

The name speaks for itself

No matter where you are and what device you use, your books are always with you.
With iCloud support you are free in what, where and how to read

Learn more about iCloud


Use our pre-installed themes or set up your own.
Incredible customization of reading styles!

Choose the method of page turning

3D page turning

Imitates page turning of paper books

Vertical scrolling

Endless feed of formatted text

Horizontal swipe

Planar moving from page to page

Or turning off animation completely

You will never get lost in a large library

Your library structure has never been so simple and clear. Pick a book by series, by author, by genre.
Create your own shelves and put books on them

Everything is always at your fingertips

Any setting or feature is available in just a few taps

Share with your friends

Do you like an author's saying?
Quote an extract and share it with your friends or send it via eMail

Download books from libraries

Connect to public OPDS libraries and download books from them

Mac version of i2Reader Cloud contains built-in OPDS server which allow you to upload books even to the other e-book readers!

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The library shelves
Book cover library view
List library view
Highlighters and quotes in a book
Table of Contents
Favourite themes