How does support for iCloud?

Switch on support for iCloud syncs your entire library on all your devices through an account iCloud.
Synchronises all: Bookmark and markers in the books, the last opened page in the book, all the metadata that were originally, and those that you add (genres, series, authors, covers, title, keywords).
All your shelves are the same on all your iPhone, iPad and Mac.
In addition, synchronised bookmarks in a build-in web browser and a list of shared OPDS libraries

Why iCloud switcher is not available?

  1. You do not set up an iCloud account. Go to the general settings of iPhone/iPad and configure it.
  2. You’ve disabled iCloud Drive on iOS 8. In those settings, go to iCloud Drive, turn on the main switch and then switch on i2Reader Cloud.
  3. You run i2Reader Cloud on iOS 7, but your iCloud is already configured for iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive is not available on iOS 7. Update system on your iOS device to iOS 8