What formats of books supports by i2Reader Cloud?

i2Reader Cloud supports FB2, EPUB (DRM-free), MOBI, MS Word DOC/DOCX, RTF and PDF formats.
You can add books to the library in many ways - as described below


  1. Launch iTunes, connect your iPhone / iPad.
  2. In "Applications" menu scroll down to the section “File sharing” and locate the icon of i2Reader Cloud.
  3. Click "Add ..." and select the books you want to add in i2Reader Cloud

Safari or other apps

  1. As you found a book you want to add, just click "Download”.
  2. (iOS 7) Click "Open With ..." and select i2Reader Cloud.
  3. (iOS 8) Press the button “Add to i2Reader Cloud”. If you do not see this icon, then click the "More" (4) and switch "Add to i2Reader Cloud" on (5)

Built-in Web-browser

  1. Go to "Menu" and select "Web browser”.
  2. Find the book you want to add and click "Download”.
  3. Downloading starts automatically and the book will be added to the library as it's completed

Shared libraries

You can download books from public libraries.
i2Reader Cloud supports OPDS libraries (such as feedbooks.com) and local WiFi libraries which you can create by yourself (for example, using Calibre)

i2Reader Cloud for Mac

Most easy way to add books to your library is to use i2ReaderCloud for Mac

  1. Drag the files of your books to the library window
  2. Or choose menu File->add books...

All added books are appeared on all your devices if you use iCloud for library storage