What is “Family share”?

Imagine a situation when your entire library is located on iCloud and your family uses it on their iPhone/iPads.
A new book has been issued - and everyone wants to read it. How can they do it if the last opened page is always synchronized in all devices?

To solve the matter, i2Readed Cloud is upgraded with a new feature – “Family share”. Now all the members of your family can read any books not interfering with each other. Just switch this feature on and add everybody in the list

What else can be made with “Family share”?

In addition to separate synchronization, you can communicate with your family, making up mini-chats – just like a micro social network :)

  1. Highlight a fragment of a text and add a comment on it
  2. Everyone within your family group will see it. One can press “comment” and add a new comment on it. All members will be able to participate in this conversation!
  3. If you wish to see your own highlighters and comments only, adjust it in settings