What are shared libraries?

i2Reader Cloud supports two types of shared libraries:

  1. WiFi Libraries - shared libraries that you can set up by yourself (for example, with Calibre application).
  2. OPDS libraries - open web libraries (e.g. feedbooks.com)

WiFi libraries

WiFi libraries appear in the list of shared libraries automatically as soon as you start public access to them on your Mac or PC (for more info, see the description of the apps that provide such an opportunity, such as Calibre)

OPDS Libraries

  1. You can add OPDS libraries that you know to the list (if iCloud is enabled, this list is automatically synchronized on all your devices).
  2. Download books from OPDS libraries simply by clicking on the download button.

Sometimes OPDS libraries are protected, in this case i2Reader Cloud will ask you to enter login and password

i2Reader Cloud for Mac

i2Reader Cloud for Mac contains the built-in OPDS server which allow you to upload books event other e-book readers which supports OPDS

The OPDS server will also be useful and interesting for those users of i2Reader Cloud for iOS who don't use iCloud to store the library. Such users can conveniently organize the library on a Mac and, as necessary, add books to a mobile device